Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Body Temperature

Today is a bad temperature day... one minute I'm burning up... the next I'm freezing. It seems that one of my 'MS Things' is poor temperature regulation. While a healthy person's body temperature adjusts itself almost instantaneously to changes in the environment around them, mine seems to take a while... sometimes an hour or more to adapt. Something as minor as another person's hand on mine can pop my body temperature up a degree or two... and while that doesn't sound like much... believe me, it makes a difference.

Cold doesn't seem to be as big an issue... but it does take me longer to get warm after being cold than others around me.

Add to that the nudging of symptoms caused by the increase in temperature and it's not a fun thing... has me constantly adjusting the temperature... and not wanting to be touched... and freezing out my family... lying awake at night because I'm much too warm... and just being uncomfortable.

There are times that it seems almost unbelieveable that this could be happening... I know my family certainly finds it weird at times... and it's not their body!!

More about MS and body temperature can be found HERE and HERE and HERE.

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