Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday I had a mission. A mountain of miscellanea had accumulated in my garage... a thing here, a thing there. When three people tell themselves that they'll just 'put it here until I get to it'... well, it accumulates fast. So I told myself I would sort it and then heft the appropriate pieces to the attic... via the pull down ladder also located in the garage.

With high hopes and high energy, I set to the mission. Only to have to take repeated breaks to bring myself back into the house to cool down... this IS Arizona after all. THEN, the ultimate smack in the face... the ladder proved to be something I could not overcome. The pulling down and 'popping' up of said ladder is something that I've done repeatedly in the time we have lived in this house... but yesterday, my arms simply wouldn't do it. Mind says 'do it'... arms don't obey. And I can't begin to describe the anger and frustration that brought... or how it gnawed at my mind to have to ask for help with it.

You see, MS isn't just invisible to those around us... it's often invisible to the patient themselves. Truthfully, when I set out to do my garage mission, it never crossed my mind that I wouldn't be able to do it... I usually don't think in terms of *can't*. And the treason of my arms... the mutiny of my strength... it comes as a total surprise and often jolts me off my feet. A slap in the face that says "No".

So understand when those around you 'forget' about the MS... and capture every moment of your own that you're allowed to forget. Live the moments as fully as possible... whatever is possible.

(And oh... I've added a new link to my blog list... check it out... full of encouragement and information... Creating a Good Life )

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