Friday, February 6, 2009


I grew up in a family that considered naps a very good thing. My mother and grandparents even had my brother and me convinced that snuggling under a quilt on our beds was a luxurious indulgence... quite the accomplishment! I carried that mindset with me into my married life... and passed it on to my children (who, amazingly enough, bought into the concept as well). One of the things to look forward to on Sunday afternoons was a nice, long nap following church and a big lunch.

In the last few years, more notably during the last three or four, naps have increasingly become a necessity as opposed to a privilege. I have come to resent the time that I am required to 'rest'. I resent having to give up waking hours and the myriad activities associated with that time. I resent having something forced upon me instead of having the freedom to indulge myself as inclined. I resent that what was once an absolute extravagance is now a basic requirement.

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