Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I went out for the evening run on Saturday night. Generally my theory for running is to go just a tiny bit past the point that I begin to think I've used half of my energy resources... then I start wandering back toward home. Which is sort of what happened on Saturday ... except it was feeling so wonderful that on the way back, I decided to push just a bit farther and take a path through a park just for the heck of it. And then fell.

Now, you must understand ... it was just a fall. It was the same kind of fall that ordinary people have all the time in ordinary lives. There was a small ledge ... I decided to step down from it to another area I wanted to explore ... and the landing spot was significantly lower than I anticipated. It was dark. There were shadows. One of those moments when you turn around and look behind you and say "Wow, I didn't realize that step was that deep ... or shallow ... or whatever. Except instead of turning around, I sat up.

Now... you're probably sitting there thinking "Okay, so what does this have to do with MS?"

THAT part began when I got home. Let me point out that I fell ... wiped the blood ... used the light from my phone to do a summary parts check ... then got up, brushed off, and walked the rest of the two miles home. Clearly I was NOT at death's door. But when I walked through the door and my children got the first glance, you would have thought that I had been attacked by coyotes instead of a tumble in the gravel.

And now they've decided that I'm bordering into insanity. You see, I told them how good it felt to sometimes just be a normal person ... without a label ... taking a tumble.

Then ... just to spite the fates ... I ran again Sunday :)


  1. Good for you Tess! Keep on spiting fate! Harry

  2. Good for you Tess, keep on spiting fate! Harry

  3. Your determination amazes me.
    You teach me so much, you inspiring lady!

    Thank you